District Commissioner (DC)

Hello, I am Chris and I am the District Commissioner which means I am the lead volunteer for the whole district.  I am also involved in the county team, running the shop at Bradley Wood and helping out in all sorts of places!

Deputy DC

I am Denene, and I am one of the deputies, working closely with the smaller groups in the district and acting as Local Training Manager, leading training and supporting our volunteers.

Deputy DC

Hi,  I am Ed and I support the work of the district, especially in the 10-25 age range, and look after the website, and any other duties that come my way!  I am a trustee of the district, work with the appointments advisory committee, support leader training and drive minibuses!


Hi, I’m Gwyneth and I work with the youngest section – Beavers. I plan and run events for Beaver colonies in the district to enjoy throughout the year with help from a small team of leaders. I am also an acting GSL and BL for one of the Scout groups in our district.


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District Scout Leader

Hi, I am Paul and work with the Scout age section to  provide activities for scouts from all the groups across the District to try together. I also arrange more specialist  opportunities that groups couldn’t do themselves to widen the programme for our members and try and support groups when needed.  I also help to manage our District camp site and am a trustee.

Hi, I am Allan and I support the work of the ADC Scouts; providing assistance to any Scout Groups that require it. I’m also a trustee of the District, and help out whenever I can. I’m most likely to be spotted at District camps: I’m usually the noisy one! I also help organise the Bah’tat walk every year.

District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC)


District Chair

Hi, I am Linda. I am the District Chair for the trustees of Aire Valley. I am also the acting GSL for the Scout Group in Saltaire working in particularly with the Beaver Scouts – although I will help any one!

District Secretary

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District Treasurer

Hi, I am Sharon.  I look after the finances of the district and prepare the accounts with support from my fellow trustees as part of the District Executive Committee.  I am also part of the organising team for our annual fundraiser the ‘Baht ‘At Walk’.  I support various district events by helping out when needed.